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Meet the Editors

Courts Law Section Editors

The Section Editors choose the Contributing Editors and exercise editorial control over their section.  In addition, each Section Editor will write at least one contribution (”jot”) per year.  Questions about contributing to a section ought usually to be addressed to the section editors.

Professor Adam N. Steinman
Professor of Law
University of Alabama School of Law

Professor Howard M. Wasserman
Professor of Law
Florida International University College of Law

Contributing Editors

Contributing Editors agree to write at least one jot for Jotwell each year.

Professor Pamela Bookman
Assistant Professor of Law
Temple University Beasley School of Law

Sergio Campos
Professor Sergio J. Campos
Professor of Law
University of Miami School of Law

Professor Brooke D. Coleman
Co-Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development
Professor of Law
Seattle University School of Law

Professor Robin J. Effron
Associate Director Dennis J. Block Center for the
Study of International Business Law
Brooklyn Law School

Allan Erbsen
Professor Allan Erbsen
Julius E. Davis Professor of Law
University of Minnesota Law School

Professor Jasminka Kalajdzic
Associate Professor
Co-Lead Researcher, Law Commission of Ontario
University of Windsor, Windsor Law

Alexandra D. Lahav
Professor Alexandra D. Lahav
Ellen Ash Peters Professor of Law
University of Connecticut School of Law

Professor Nancy Leong
Professor of Law
University of Denver Sturm College of Law

Professor Marin K. Levy
Associate Professor of Law
Duke University School of Law

Professor Suzette M. Malveaux
Professor of Law
The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law

Professor Roger M. Michalski
Associate Professor of Law
The University of Oklahoma College of Law

Professor Linda S. Mullenix
Professor of Law
Rita and Morris Atlas Chair in Advocacy
University of Texas at Austin School of Law

Professor Lumen N. Mulligan
Associate Dean & Professor of Law
Earl B. Shurtz Research Professor
University of Kansas School of Law

Professor James E. Pfander
Owen L. Coon Professor of Law
Northwestern University School of Law

Professor Fred O. Smith, Jr.
Assistant Professor of Law
Emory University School of Law

Professor Suja A. Thomas
Peer and Sarah Pederson Professor of Law
University of Illinois College of Law

Professor Jay Tidmarsh
Judge James J. Clynes Jr., Professor of Law
University of Notre Dame Law School

Professor Steve Vladeck
A. Dalton Cross Professor in Law
University of Texas at Austin School of Law

Professor Kevin C. Walsh
Professor of Law
University of Richmond School of Law


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